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The Waterford Nationals are an elite summer baseball program that competes in the Eastern New York Travel Baseball League and the Albany Twilight League. The Nationals were established in 1997 and have amassed over 18 state championships, 12 regional championships and 32 league championships.

The Nationals baseball organization was started by legendary coach Bill Kelts with one mission in mind- to teach kids the correct way to play the game while still having fun. In 1998 Waterford won their first league championship followed by their first state championship. That team would go on to play together for the next 15 years and total over 25 championships for the Waterford franchise. Coach Bill Kelts would later be named “Man of the Decade” by Eastern New York Travel Baseball for all of his contributions on and off of the field. Most recently Coach Kelts received the Presidents award for all of his contributions to the Albany Twilight League. 

The Nationals organization has grown from one team into a franchise of teams, fielding six teams a season. The Nationals continue to help players enhance their baseball skills while expanding their knowledge of the game. The program has helped players pursue their varying level of dreams such as playing varsity baseball or college baseball and even producing some players that have played professional baseball. Players are continually coming back to coach teams, run clinics and offer instruction. 


The Nationals play at Kelts Stadium on Middletown Road in Waterford. It is known as one of the best parks in the area for its “baseball” atmosphere and its beautifully groomed playing fields. The Friday night games under the lights are a staple for summer nights in Waterford, bringing the community together to support their Waterford Nationals Albany Twilight Team. The 2021 Nationals will field 5 teams including the Albany Twilight team, they will also have a 17u, 16u, 15u and 13u. The 15u team will be returning with high aspirations of winning at showcase tournaments around the Northeast. Waterford will welcome  our newest member the 13u team. Both of these teams will compete at a high level locally as well as regionally. All of our teams look to compete to win tournaments and keep the strong Nationals tradition of success going.  


Below is a list of Nationals that are either currently playing college and professional baseball or have finished their playing careers. Almost all of our players come back and assist with coaching our current rosters.  

Bill Kelts - SUNY New Paltz
Scott Rader - Hofstra
Matt Pierce - Siena
Jessie Curtain - St Rose
Tim Merdick - Franklin Pierce
Cody Sullivan - Sothern Vermont
Anthony Eaton - SUNY Brockport
Dan Bergami - San Diego State
Pat Reardon - RPI/Hudson Valley Renegades
Jake Willis - Siena
Kyle Sumple - Siena
Zach Goyer - Manhattan
Rob Cowin - Clarkson
Brad Pearson - Clarkson
Adam Lasek - RPI
Tyler Travis - Towson
Chris Carbone - Union
Matt Snyder - Kentucky
Nick Schaub - St Rose
Jake Luce - HVCC
Ryan Cameron - Umass/Reading (AA)
Dan Walker - RPI
Paul Terry - HVCC
Paul Izzo - Southern Connecticut 
Jermey Gulich - HVCC
Zach Hartman - Siena
Max Perotta - ACC
Nolan Duda - Clarkson
Derek Becker - Iona
Nick Debrino - Canisus
Ian Beaureguard - Kerkimer
Brendan Kruzinski - Lynn U
Max Tessitore - Lemoyne
Ryan Cummings - St Joseph (Vermont)

Joe Ihnotoyla - RPI
Charles Yarnold -RPI
Dennis Buckley - Siena
Dylan Pollack - UAlbany
Ryan Ruddy - ACC
Casey Chase - ACC
Brendan Haverty - HVCC
Casey Job - SUNY Brockport
Cory Moore - FMCC
Mike Degregory - Suny Brockport
Jimmy Gaudet - UAlbany
Greg Ruddy - Suny Brockport
Ryan Ensel - Suny COrtland
Ivan Plata - Suny Oneonta
Tom Carrigan - Utica College
Aaron Tilley - Suny Brockport
Matt Dahlin - Suny Plattsburgh/Midwest Sliders 
Max Keado - Suny Brockport
James Williamson - Suny Brockport
Pat Riley - James Madison
Matt Bristow - James Madison
Brandon Friss - HVCC
Mike VanPattan - Suny Oneonta
Casey Avery - HVCC
Shaun Fisher - Dowling
Dieudone Paul - Houston Astros
TIm Cristman - Colorado Rockies/Siena
Max Geauber - St Rose
Luke Walter - Manhattan
Blake Wigert - ACC
Chewy Stubbelbine - ACC
Evan Bauer - ACC
Dylan Beaulac - Keuka
Ben Reinisch - Trinity

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